I want to dedicate myself to what makes me happy.

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i hate seeing skinny tiny girls not working out and eating all sorts of junk and convincing people that they are “fit” when you really aren’t. just cuz you have been endowed with amazing metabolism, bone structure, and genetics in general doesn’t make you fit/healthy. Take care of your body regardless of your size. 

Fitness is earned through hard work and sweats… literally.

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some of the asses i see on tumblr cannot be real….

I REFUSE TO Believe it!

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Tropical salad bowl for dinner. Yum.
75 Calorie Whole Wheat Very Very Blueberry Muffins With a Vanilla Protein Glaze!



Have you ever gone into a store to buy one thing, and then come out with everything but that one thing? Well that happened to me yesterday afternoon.

I made a huge plan for living off of $115 of groceries for two weeks, but never thought it would be this hard. When you live with someone…

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workout and eat healthy

My bday today and bf got me running shorts I’ve been wanting for awhile. He’s bolder than I am and got me xs… And it fits nicely. Still have work to do.

Ate like shit but still got a run in. Back at it tmr.

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Curried chicken with wheat toast. And lots of salad for lunch.

Get those abs 2014! Eating clean.

Time to get back at it for year 2014.